Vietnam Speaks To Me

Hanoi, Vietnam

I recently discovered the fantastic world of Couchsurfing through some friends and let me tell you, it is great. I was taken around the amazing city of Hanoi and found myself thinking about the rest of my time left in Vietnam. After much debate, I’ve decided to extend my visa to stay in this beautiful place longer. I’m going to ride my motorbike up in the mountains in the north of Vietnam and make my way to Halong Bay at some point. I felt like I had more to do here before flying to Indonesia. I didn’t feel like my time here was spent just yet.

I’m feeling inspired to tell you why I decided to stay a little longer. I don’t have many words to explain it besides the fact that I feel like Vietnam really speaks to me. There’s only one other country that has been able to have as much of an impact on me and that’s India. I always thought India had an impact on me because it’s the birthplace of my ancestors and where I had my greatest spurts of personal development. Vietnam though…I don’t even know. It does remind me of India in many ways, but there’s so much more that I can’t completely put my finger on. It could be the fact that I saw it on a motorbike rather than a bus. It’s not just one thing about Vietnam and I’m sure all you Vietnam lovers can agree that it’s literally everything about being here that makes you feel really good. Never did I think I would love driving through the maze of motorbikes during rush hour traffic in Hanoi or feel a rush from the mountains throughout the country.

I’m also spending my last two weeks here meeting with other social entrepreneurs doing amazing work. I’ve already met one and she’s really something. A post soon to be up about that.

With Love,