Hanoi, Vietnam

For the past few months, I’ve been looking at my life in pieces. I’ve been slowly reflecting on my relationships, education, life goals, ambitions, influences, etc., but all separately. Lately, I’ve taken a step back and looked at everything from above. My mind works by looking at everything from the ‘big picture’ perspective, but when it comes to my life and all of its facets, I split it into sections. Why? I’m not completely sure. It might be because I’ve started to write for myself more than I did before. A friend I met while traveling told me to start writing poetry again. It had been years, but I felt a spark and did it. Things I haven’t been able to put into words for so long are suddenly coming together and it feels really good. SO GOOD. I’ve always known writing is how I express myself, but I never appreciated it like I donow.

Self-expression, self-expression, self-expression. It plays over and over again in my head and I never understood how I expressed myself. I never actually thought about it until last night. We went to a place where bands were playing live metal and although it’s not the music I usually listen to, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed watching everyone in their own element, jamming to the beat of their own hearts.

Having the ability to express yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can be given. It can be the people and circumstances you are in that might prevent you from truly being yourself, but at the end of the day it is you…all you. I think I’ve said this so many times, but it’s the most basic lessons of life that have been mind blowing. Why can’t we all just go back to childish innocence of simple assumptions and knowledge? I like to think it’s because we are jaded by our experiences. We let them define us to the point where we are unable to even realize the most basic concepts can solve all of our problems.