Changing Perspective

Ahmedabad, India

I used to think it was called changing your mind, but I have realized it’s more about changing perspective. The last 3 weeks have been incredible, a constant rhythm of flowing thoughts and feelings. It’s been a lot of transformation, both internal and external.

I’m currently volunteering with an NGO, Manav Sadhna, and the work they are doing is amazing. To say I feel as though I have been welcomed into a small family is an understatement. It feels to be much larger, more powerful. I’ve felt and seen love spread in various capacities, not just through people in Manav Sadhna, but individuals I have been blessed to meet through my past few weeks here. I am working in a slum community and during one of those days, one of the community center teachers read me this week’s horoscope. It spoke of changing relationships and how many relationships I have felt disconnected from for some time now will end. Although those relationships will end, room will be made for new ones that will last a lifetime. These people, these souls and intellects, exhibit something I think we seldom see in this world. The amount of love pulsing through the air is pure and captivating.

I’m not quite ready to share many of what has happened through the past few weeks or months. I don’t know if I ever will. Maybe one day. One thing I am ready to share is a conversation I had with many of these amazing people I met. Again, to say ‘amazing’ is also an understatement.

We spoke of seekers and what it means to be a seeker. Who is a seeker? Why seek in the first place? What are we seeking for?

Many of us are seeking something greater than ourselves. We’re seeking a purpose, searching for something to live for. We seek in people and places. We travel to find answers to questions we don’t quite understand in the first place. I won’t mention my position regarding this, but I will say that I realized we all end with the same realization. If we are fortunate enough, we realize that it ends with us. All that we were seeking in the first place was with us this whole time. The answers aren’t in people or places, it is within us. It is our ‘being’, our ‘soul’ that has all the answers to these questions we ask. Maybe these people and places help us, but this concept of imploring and letting ourselves just ‘be’ gives us more answers than we would expect. Maybe we just need to listen, listen to what our hearts are asking us. Listen. Maybe it’s that simple. 

With Love,