Tips for Seoul Searching

                                                                                                Love Locks on top of Seoul Tower

When you get to Seoul, download the South Korea Subway app (It is blue). 

Sightseeing and Shopping- Seoul is known for its shopping and fashion. Although their dress is more conservative (no cleavage and shoulders showing), their clothing is exactly what you are looking for. For the girls at least...

Here are the top shopping areas in Seoul: 

  • Myeongdong- Known for its beauty products and shopping
  • Hongdae (Hongik University stop on the Subway)- Inexpensive shopping and a great place to go out at night 
  • Express Terminal 3- Inexpensive shopping 
  • Dongdaemun- Shopping 

Things to Do:

  • Dog and cat cafes- You can find many in Hongdae or Myeongdong
  • War Museum of Korea 
  • Banpo Bridge- a bridge that has a colored light water show. Worth checking out! 
  • Jimjilbang- a must if you are coming to Seoul! These are scattered throughout the city and can easily be found with a google search. Males and females are separated into different areas, but everyone is nude. It's a little awkward at first, but after the first few minutes the nudity becomes normal! I felt like a new person after that experience (haha). 
  • Seoul Tower- Love Lock Bridge 

Outdoor Activities:

  • Running along Han River- I lived by Sindap station which is right across from Han River. After getting off Sindap station, there is a bridge that has steps you can walk down which lead you straight to the running path. If you run a few kilometers, you will come across Seoul Forest. 
  • Water rafting in the outskirts of the city 
  • Climbing Bukhansan Mountain from Bukhansan National Park. We climbed the highest peak (Baekundae Peak) at 836 meters.
    • Directions: You can take line 3 until Gupabal. From there, there is a bus on the same side of the street that will take you. I’m not sure where we got off, but there will definitely be a bunch of mountain climbers you’ll be in the bus with. We took bus 704.

Night Life:

  • Hongdae- International Rooftop Bar, Cacoon
  • Gangnam- Octagon
  • Itaewon- Known for its international scene. Bungalow is a great lounge if you aren't on a budget and are willing to spend some money 
  • Noraebongs- You can find karaoke bars everywhere!

Food: It's hard to be vegetarian. I'll just leave it at that. 

Must sees outside of Seoul (I didn't go to all of these, but I heard they are definitely worth checking out if you have the time)

  • DMZ/JSA Tour- I recommend getting the whole package. If you are making a trip up there and already spending the money, it is best to go on the days that offer you the entire tour. 
  • Busan
  • Jeju Island