Poem: Experiments with Dance


Written in Goa, India


I’ve prepared myself for the good fight

Only to find what it is that I truly stand for

Not against

For we all stand for something

But our mind has continued to play tricks on us

Throwing us into the deep waters of life

When we’ve done it to ourselves

We can’t help but resist the continuous suffering that seems to haunt our minds

The dreams that bring us to a half sleep

An awakening bringing ourselves into full consciousness in the midst of chaos that seems to reap the world from all directions

I take a step back and breathe

Away from the memories that stream through my mind like a soft projection on a blank white screen

I wonder about, lost in the world of infinity

Life looks eternal in your 20s

It goes on and on, days come in waves

The ocean tide crashes along the shoreline like our spirits silently spin around in the evolving breaths of life

We take a step back and allow ourselves to sigh relief into the flutes that play soft melodies

With the birds in the air and the fish in the sea

I’ve allowed myself to remain head above water

And flow through the sea of possibilities

As I watch myself in the mirror of the clouds

That have seemed to disappear with the blink of an eye

as I look up into the sky

Feeling the grains of the sand underneath my feet

I lift each grain and watch it fall back into the sea of beige

One homogenous nation of little grains they are

With so much to tell individually, yet so much uniformity from afar

I’ve lived so much, but maybe loved too little

What would we look like if we uncovered the ability we already have

the ability to love more

Touch more

Care more

Listen more

What if we were kinder to ourselves

and shot pellets of compassion to ourselves and then to others

I’ve watched as my heart has filled with love and danced

My soul has found its way through my body and expressed itself through the very tips of my fingers and the balls of my feet

I’ve found a way to feel the electricity pulsating between my veins,

as I feel the music motion me through the air

And feel the beauty of pushing against the limitations of my mind

Rina PatelComment