The Fortune of Generations

When I first began compiling these stories on napkins and random pieces of paper during my summers growing up in India, I had no idea what I was creating. All I knew was they needed to be captured and remembered for the future. What I didn't realize was that these stories were in the process of changing my life. 

Have you ever had a loved one pass away? Have you ever wanted to know their story or someone else's, dead or alive? 

If you have, it's not too late to know and if you think you would like to share your life's story, it is not too late either. I truly, truly believe there is a wisdom in the lives of those who have passed before us. There are all these humbling experiences and stories, things that have already been figured out, that I believe are not being shared with the present and future generations enough. 

With the luxuries of modern society, there isn't anything we really can't have these days. However, with this, comes a great deal of heart ache as we are all searching for some sort of purpose in our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. 

What I believe is that this purpose, comes from 1) deep within ourselves and 2) most importantly, each other. Despite their hardships, there was a wisdom to the way they lived together, in tribe, in community. This is the story I am setting out to write, told through the narrative of my parents and the generations who came before them. 

Check out the latest excerpt of The Book of Generations (aka the book that has yet to be properly given a name): A Heart of Gold, a brief story of my grandmother's life. 

I hope you check it out. I am just getting started.

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