My Daily Routine & Practices


My daily practices (or rituals) have become an integral part of my day for so many reasons. The first being that they help me begin my day in a healthy, nourishing way. Rather than starting my day flipping through social media or fretting about all of the things I have to do, I start by connecting to myself. Personally, I know that once I get started on the stress train, it’s easy to feel off for the rest of the day. 

I first began implementing daily and weekly practices a little over two and a half years ago. It started with daily meditation and then trickled into other practices. I was traveling at the time, so I had some challenges creating consistency, but through the process I found a grounding to myself that I had never experienced before. 

Growing up, you may have seen practices in the form of daily morning prayer. That is what I grew up with, but as I came into adulthood, I started to search for other forms that worked for me. Although I began doing my practices with silent meditation every morning, I now sometimes allocate that time for prayer. Finding practices that work for you are important because they root you back to yourself. For me, it helps connect to my inner self, even during the days that I feel a bit disheveled.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but through time, you’ll find yourself implementing new things that work for you. Implementing practices is especially helpful if you are trying to change something in your life or if you are going through a transition period. In time of flux, it is important to find something to hold on to so you don’t feel like you’re floating. 

For some ideas, you can find more details on the daily practices that I do here. In my blog post on Social Media and Mental Health, I also write about my technology practices that are a vital part of my day. 

If you’re like me and you have a lot going on in different parts of your life, I find it helpful to plan my week on Sunday evenings and my detailed to dos for each day the night before. For the week, I have a list of three things that are my foci for the week. My goals for each day go back to those three things and if they don’t, I know they’re not a priority.     

How you can get started:

Start small. It doesn’t have to be big. My yoga in the morning is sometimes as short as ten minutes a day. You won’t see results instantly and you’ll even fall off the wagon at certain points. Remember, consistency is key but don’t beat yourself up if you miss some days.  

I’d love to hear more about what works for you. Post your comments below or shoot me an email directly!  

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