Journey With The Self: An Excerpt

It’s short, but here’s an excerpt, raw and unedited, from the book I’m working on at the moment:

Written January 13, 2019

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

My moments of solitude teach something new every time. Perhaps most of all that we’re on a journey with ourselves, with the self. This is something becoming better known, but often even if it is, truth is denied. To experience solitude in its purest form is painful, so most of us go our entire lives denying the truth of our existence. We come into the world alone and we die alone. However, the paradox is that we are not separate beings and we are not, in fact, alone. From the moment we are conceived we are created by a unity. Our home is within our mother for nine months and even we when are ready to be taken out, a chord continues to tie us to our home. Even within the womb, we are nourished by the external forces, the elements of the earth which keep us alive. ,

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