June 24, 2016; Shelburne Falls, MA, USA

A northeast native, Kim Mulligan was born in the Bronx, but was raised in New Hampshire. At the age of 5, Kim’s mother, Iris, lost her hearing to Encephalitis, a swelling of the left side of the brain, during pregnancy complications. Sick for months, her mother suffered nerve damage, but fortunately lived through the complications. After this period...Read more

June 30, 2016; Philadelphia, PA, USA

The visionary of North Philly Peace Park, Tommy Joshua has come a long way from constructing basketball courts out of crates in elementary school to battling leukemia for three and a half years to mobilizing urban neighborhoods at 16 years oldRead More

May 11, 2016; Breezewood, PA, USA

Bruce B. Maxwell feels it is his purpose, to be of presence for pilgrims journeying through Breezewood. No matter who they are, he is there to be a listening ear, be of help, or provide the time or energy for whatever is needed in the moment. He meets wayfarers who are healing and searching for their purpose....Read More

March 4, 2016; Rani Pani, Nepal

Dineshdai is a man who has worked towards something that so many people have tried to stop. He continues and has continued for 25 years towards his passion, what he believes is truth. Read More.

November 2015; Hanoi, Vietnam

Now at 28 years old, Van faces the same fate of her brother. The doctors tell her she has less than 4 years left to live and she is already feeling the symptoms within her body...Day after day she continues to feel weak. I asked Van is she is ready and she instantly replied yes. Read more.