Each morning the young boy woke up at four,
With 8 other siblings, he was fairly poor,
The reasons for their birth were to work the farm
There was no knowledge that a life like this could do them harm,
He was a chubby, stubborn little boy,
However, his young bride to be? 
She was very coy,
At the age of 15, she was to give up everything she knew,
Moved in with her husband’s family to make stew,
She was to work the farm in blistering heat,
On her breaks under the tree she would take a seat,
These are the stories they recount to me,
The pain they endured is hard to see,
For a young girl like me, with a privileged life,
I told them I can’t relate to being a young wife,
I can’t relate to fighting for food,
Or fighting societal pressure and having money be a stressor,
I can’t relate, I told them, to having a life with no choice,
Living day by day with no voice,
But you, you gave me what you couldn’t have,
Ma, your sacrifices gave me a voice, a choice,
I will never live my life being objectified by society’s pressures,
And have them be my life’s stressors,
I’ll never be out of food living an unhappy life,
Living as a young wife,
For this I can’t thank you,
Don’t say thank you, they say
Just don’t go astray,
From all that we taught you to be,
Our only wish is that you carry on what we started,
Keep our culture alive,
Remain happy,
See the beauty in all,
Spread a smile,
Touch a heart, 
This is all that we ask, they say
This is all.