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The Thinkers



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The Thinkers.

Inspired by my 1-2 hour speaking engagements at universities, The Thinkers, LLC was founded upon the same principles and themes I have shared with groups of students. The Thinkers Program takes these themes and allows students go deeper, in community and with mentorship over the course of a week. 

We are on a mission to inspire the next generation to unlock their limitless potential, radically transform what it means to be a leader in the world today, and design a life they feel called to live post-college. To learn more, visit www.thethinkersglobal.com

Interested in joining the The Thinkers family as a mentor, student participant, or organizer? Contact us here.

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I speak at universities and to student groups about stepping into their most authentic, courageous selves to begin designing a life they feel called to live post-college. I share the tools I used on my own journey as well as practical insights into lifestyle design. 

Interested in getting in touch about speaking? Contact me at hello@rinagpatel.com!


Are you ready to step into the life you know you are meant to live using your unique gifts and strengths? Do you know you are meant to do more, but can't quite figure out how?

Let's talk through it together! You can schedule a 30 minute phone call with me through this link

Are you interested in working with me? Contact me here.

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I lead workshops around hormonal health and holistic wellness. More specifically, I share steps women can begin taking now to balance their hormones and bring alignment back to their physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional selves. 

I also run workshops on topics such as lifestyle design and uncovering connection within ourselves and our communities. 

If you are interested in collaborating or inviting me to host a workshop, you can reach me at hello@rinagpatel.com!